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Ah, its all over the news.  Some years back Microsoft was getting slammed for being heavy handed and they really learned a lesson.

Last week it was and still is google.

And this week its Apple.  Turns out ios 4 is tracking us and storing that info on our devices.   And the data is there in unencrypted form. Check out this news article:

This really ticks me off as I am going to buy an ipad 2 for a customer gig this week. 

I don’t want big brother watching me and keeping that data on me. Specially now with identity theft and other forms of crime so bad.  Lets figure out a way to stop this behavior by removing the file or routinely cleaning it out.  Sounds like a needed app to clean out the tracking data.

If apple wants to play in the big time, then grow up and stop tracking my data.

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