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Working on the same solution as problem 1.

This time it was a binary reference to two dlls. The app would build on my system but not on the tfs build server.

Well, after lots of playing around i found out that one dll had the correct hintpath to its source in the project references and one did not.


1: Close VS

2: Open Windows Explorer and find the parent folder of the solution.

3: Search for all Bin and Obj folders in the solution.

4: Delete all of these folders.

5: Reopen VS and go back to work!

Now, with luck this fixes it and your reference to say Aclass.dll A looks like this:

<Reference Include="Aclass">

If it still does not have the hintpath, then close vs and open the project file in notpad (er notepad2). Then edit the reference entry to look like the above one. Be careful to get it right. Save it and then reopen vs. That should fix it.

This was a weird one but with these steps it was fixed.

Posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 3:48 PM | Back to top

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