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So here it is... The first release of WoodbaseChimpMailer. A simple integration module for sending newsletters via MailChimp from the Umbraco CMS backend. (A backoffice extension in Umbraco terms)

The current release is ver. 0.8.01a. It includes:
- a dictionary (default Umbraco functionality) allowing You to translate the texts in the extension.
- selection of page to send
- option to enter node ids or urls manually
- sending test mails
- creating new campaigns
- view stats on sent campaigns

More will come when I get new ideas or get some user inputs...

So try it out if You'd like a newsletter module for Umbraco (at no cost other than installation time)

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013 10:16 PM Umbraco , MailChimp , WoodbaseChimpMailer , c# | Back to top

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This project is a very basic project to send newsletters from Umbraco using the MailChimp API.

During installation of WoodbaseChimpMailer a new entry is added to the appSettings. This is were you need to enter your Mailchimp secret key:

<add key="mcSecKey" value="***************************-us6" />

I'm currently working on moving this to a seperate config file...
Left by John Boss on Dec 23, 2015 7:18 PM

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These can be tricky to test, as you normally would have to be able to access your development.
Left by Sarwan on May 14, 2016 11:30 AM

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Left by Rohan Singh on Oct 27, 2016 12:48 PM

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Left by zorro1234567 on Dec 04, 2016 3:48 PM

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