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I gave a presentation on AJAX today. It was a knowledge sharing session at my company. Around 35 people attended the session. Though quite a few appeared silent and uninterested, there were some who were interested.


I got some valuable feedback on my presentation, which is as follows.

1.  You have good knowledge on the topic, you could have connected with the audience much more.. get them more involved.. by asking simple questions and asking for opinions..  You need to remember that, by being on the stage, you are looking to influence people to buy what you are saying.
2.  The transition effects in the slides is not really a part of the template, so, you must have added it.. sometimes, these could be disturbing, as they have the potential to take away audience's attention from what you are saying to what they are seeing on the screen.  So, if at all, use of these effects should be minimal, to help spice up the presentation at key points only.
3.  Some of the slides had long sentences in them.. I think it is not such a good idea.. we should look to have very short and crisp phrases, to be used by you as a hint to talk on the topic.  If and when audience sees a sentence like this, again, you are losing their attention, as they start reading it.. and also, you are losing eye contact with them since, you also tend to read it from the screen.

I am going to make sure I follow the suggestions in the feedback.

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