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Recently downloaded the latest release of Netscape navigator (, I am quit surprised at the improvements and very practical approach they have taken towards making the new browser acceptable by all.


Firstly, there is not ‘yet-another-browser-engine’ concept for this browser; it natively supports both Internet Explorer and FireFox rendering engines. This basically means, if you are viewing a website which does not support Firefox or Internet explorer, choosing the alternate engine is just a click away.


Secondly, they have inbuilt webmail service support, which means you just create and keep your accounts of yahoo,  gmail, hotmail (sheez, why do people still send email to the old id’s) and with a click of a button you are straight in your webmail inbox! No not at the login screen with your user names and password filled, I mean straight inside your inbox so you just check your mails and close that tab! Now this is cool, it has been quite time consuming to make use of regular user name / login, click to inbox and then logout process which has to be carried out even with other browsers which has inbuilt support for storing login information. Only one hitch though, you cannot create more than one account for the same webmail service provider (public and personal emails), because if you store a second login information for the same webmail service provider it just overwrites the previous one.


Then there is the usual ‘Trust Settings’ which can be customized to each and every domain you visit. Then there are more customization options for tabbed browsing than FireFox, more customization option for FormFill.


I have using it for about a week, I am getting the kind of comfort feeling similarly to finding something that you expect.

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# In Love with Netscape Navigator!
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Could it be that coming back full circle is just the thing that Netscape Navigator needs to get back into the limelight? I guess, but this article below proves that some people simply enjoy this browser alternative.
Left by on Aug 23, 2005 7:36 AM

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