November 2013 Entries

Update to Where’s My Graphic Equalizer in Windows Media Player – now covers Windows 8

Have you wondered where the graphics equaliser in the Windows 8 version of Windows Media Player has moved?  It’s certainly not on the menu option you’d think it is …. well, I’ve updated my Windows 7 post to include Windows 8, it’s over here

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Chester Devs Presentation and source code – ‘Event Store - an introduction to a DSD for event sourcing and notifications’
Thank you everyone at Chester Devs Thanks to Fran Hoey and all the people from Chester Devs. It was a hard drive up and back but the enthusiasm of the audience, with some great questions does make it worthwhile. Presentation and source code My presentation, source code, Event Store runners and text files containing the various command line parameters used for curl is now available on GitHub; Don’t worry if you don’t have a GitHub account, you don’t ......

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