Hyper-V for Developers presentation - NxtGenUG Southampton

Thanks to John and the guys at NxtGenUG Southampton for the invitation to come down to and present on Hyper-V for Developers tonight.  And thanks to the tips, definitely have new stuff to look into, will look into PowerTab for improving my PowerShell experience (thanks to Rob Cooper aka  @robcthegeek).

I’ll also take the hint of using a proper ‘Southampton’ image.  Next time you’ll have the Titanic as a desktop background instead of the mighty Spitfire whose first test flights were from Eastleigh airport (now Southampton International airport).

You can download a ZIP of the PowerPoint presentation file here,


Or download a ZIP of a full PDF of the presentation, including the Speaker notes here,


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Hey Liam,

Thanks for the great session! :)

If it helps, here is the link to the blog post which covers the RCP session I did with Jeremy and Mark - where I discovered PowerTab.


Also check out the cool stuff Mark has done with Git and Powershell in the GitHub repo (if you fancy it) :)
Left by Rob Cooper on Jan 20, 2010 2:14 AM

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