June 2009 Entries

Review: DisplayLink USB to DVI adapter, adding an external display to a laptop or desktop
DisplayLink USB Last week I wrote a review of a Kensington USB docking station which included DisplayLink technology to allow an external display to be added to a laptop via a USB 2.0 port. I described how I used this docking station to enable the holy grail of three external screens on my laptop. You can read about it here, http://geekswithblogs.net/t... Declaring an interest On publishing, I promoted the blog post via Twitter where recently someone had bemoaned ......

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Review: Three external screens from a single laptop with help from DisplayLink
As a developer I’ve become used to multiple monitors to increase my productivity. Debugging applications is much easier when one monitor is running Visual Studio and a second monitor is displaying the application being debugged, or SQL Management Studio, or your Locals window. When I plugged my latest HP 6910p laptop into the docking station I was amazed to find that it supported dual external displays; both the DVI and analogue VGA ports can be active simultaneously. It’s a real advantage to get ......

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