Reminder to check your domain registration ... now

The planned launch of my open source web site project at was delayed due to the fact that suddenly I couldn't FTP my files to my hosted site on Brinkster (  This was last Thursday, 14 July 2005.  Also, some e-mails to my personal e-mail address were starting to be bounced. 

When I went to it said the domain had expired and was available.  The domain had expired on 12 July 2005.  They had forgotten to renew their domain ... so their name servers were no longer resolved, together with FTP upload servers and eventually mail servers for clients hosting their domain with them.  OUCH!

So, go check your domain expiry at a WHOIS site now, and get a reminder into your Outlook, preferably with enough notice for your accounts department to process it.  Also, as I noticed on the brinkster whois details, don't make your admin e-mail account for the domain reside on that same domain.  If your domain did expire, you won't be able to receive any warning e-mails on that account. 

Now it's back up and running I'll be updating the rapiddb site over the next few weeks.  I'll be blogging the progress and no doubt there might be some requests for help.


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