First post, actually first blog

Well, I've finally joined the blogging community. I'll try to restrict comments to useful information but I'm relying on you guys to let me know if I ramble on too much.

Starting this blog is aimed to coincide with the release into the open source community of a rapid database development system for .NET which I have worked on over the past year. The goal is to provide generic database access to SQL Server 2000, MySql, IBM DB2, Oracle, Access MDB and SQL Server CE, complete with code generation in C# and VB.NET for both .NET 1.1 and .NET Compact Framework 1.0.

For those who read the blogs of either Dave Oliver or Sarah Blow this is the RapidDB system they have commented upon. They impressively survived my presentation at a Microsoft hosted developer conference held in May.

My company site is at which provides a good idea of my past experience and projects if you are interested.


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