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Grok talk at Fest07 - 23rd May 2007
I will be presenting a grok talk at Fest07 at Microsoft campus in Reading; 'Continuous Integration for newbies made easy - A quick guide to CI Factory'. Those who have read my posts on CI Factory installation will be familiar with the subject, but feel free to come along and say hello if your attending. I'll have my build server with me - an external notebook drive with VirtualPC image and I'll be giving a brief overview of how CI Factory got my build server up and running in a couple of days, with ......

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CI Factory - my final setup
Here's the culmination of my research into CI Factory and how I'm not using it to develop my open source RapidDB libraries. This is a fairly personal setup, as it only has a single developer (me), two development machines (currently an office desktop PC and a roaming laptop) and a build server which is not publicly accessible via the Internet. An MSDN and Microsoft Partner Action Pack subscription are busy covering my software license requirements. Summary: Development PC 1 : Desktop, XP Pro SP2, ......

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CI Factory with NUnit (rather than MbUnit)
I decided to add some unit tests into my first CI Factory project. First I used a reference to MbUnit.Framework.dll in my test project, this is the unit test framework which ships with CI Factory, and all worked fine. No disrespect to MbUnit, but I decided I really wanted to use NUnit so I can utilise the larger amount of documentation and community knowledge that exists for NUnit (even though it might not be as flexible as MbUnit). So I added NUnit 2.2.8 (.NET 2.0 version) underneath my CI Factory ......

Posted On Monday, April 16, 2007 12:24 AM | Comments (5)