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Date: February 16, 2006

Speaker: Shaun Hayward

Designing applications and websites with a professional look-and-feel is becoming less of an option and more of a requirement in today’s market of tens-of-thousands of applications. If an application looks professional and behaves like other common applications, such as Microsoft Office, then users immediately feel at home and instinctively know where to find common features. This reduces support calls and increases user acceptance. For commercial applications, a professional look-and-feel can set your application apart from the competition and may be the deciding factor for a customer.

Unfortunately, the stock tools that ship with Visual Studio 2005 do not provide the functionality required to create anything remotely close to an MS Office-style user interface. Infragistics NetAdvantage offers rock-solid WinForms and WebForms components that deliver the look-and-feel of MS Office, Visual Studio 2005, and Windows XP with very little work and minimal code. This allows developers to have the most professional application possible while spending the majority of their resources focusing on the project’s functionality.

Session coverage includes Windows Forms, Web Forms, Tabbed MDI, Docking Windows, Rich Grid Features, Task Pane, Fully-Featured Menu/Toolbar, Outlook-style Explorer Bar, Outlook-Style Listbar, Charting, Outlook-style Scheduling & Calendaring, and Section 508 Compliance.

This session also covers Developer Express XtraReports, a visual, class-based reporting tool that works with strongly-typed datasets and allows you to roll powerful functionality in the language of your choice (VB.NET, C#, J#, etc) in Visual Studio.

Prizes For This Event
2 Copies  - Infragistics NetAdvantage 2005 Volume 1 with Subscription ( $795US Retail )
Everyone - Developer Express XtraEditors
Everyone - Developer Express XtraReports

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