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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Deploying Smart Client Applications with ClickOnce

Rob Windsor, G6 Consulting

For several years now, organizations have chosen web applications over windows applications when building their internal systems. This choice has been made for one main reason; web applications are much easier to deploy than their windows counterparts. The disparity is so large that these organizations are willing to sacrifice the rich, interactive, and highly productive user experience that windows applications provide just to avoid the headaches in deploying and updating them.

With this issue in mind, Microsoft has added a new deployment technology to Visual Studio 2005. This technology, called ClickOnce, allows Windows Forms applications to be deployed as easily as web applications. The developer copies the updated application to a folder on a web server and the next time the user runs the application the updates are automatically downloaded and applied.

This session will introduce ClickOnce, discuss the basic architecture, and demonstrate how to deploy rich Windows Forms applications over the intranet or internet.

For more information check out the TVBUG website.

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