It is always interesting to find out what technology I will have to work with next.  One of the latest that I’ve had to learn is PHP and since I am running Windows 8 I had to get it working in that environment.  At first I tried just downloading the Apache server files and running that, but then you have to deal with possible collisions between Apache and IIS.  In the end I found out that it is easier to setup PHP for IIS.

The first thing you need to make sure that the IIS feature installed.  Then you install WinCache via the Web Platform Installer.  You will find this by searching for PHP.  This seems to install all of the PHP components but you may need to also install the PHP itself (I was only able to find the Express version in the Web Platform Installer).


Fortunately when it comes to PHP the concepts are familiar.  Basically it is the same style of page generation as Classic ASP with a syntax akin to C or Javascript.  The biggest difference that I found is that variables are simply denoted by using a $ and you don’t need to use a format method to insert variables into output.  The code below shows examples of these usages.

$companyname = "PSC Group";
echo "$companyname PHP Test <br/>";

You can get a quick reference for PHP here.  With these couple of pieces of information you should be able to quickly get started developing PHP sites using your Windows 8 environment.