PSC Group is proud to announce that the Windows Phone version of its Project Risk Profiler application is now available in the Marketplace.  This application allows project managers and stakeholders to evaluate the high level risks and benefits associated with proposed project before committing to it. 

The application is based on a methodology used by PSC when initiating projects and is a port of the iPhone version of the application.  Each negative and positive attribute of a project is given a raking value.  Once all the attributes are totaled the negative total is subtracted from the positive total in order to give the project an overall score.  The lower the score the more risk there is to the project and the more caution should be exercised in deciding to the the project on.

The main features of the application allow you to create a new projection evaluation, maintain your list of projects and email the evaluation results to stakeholders.  Below are some screen shots of the application which can be found in the marketplace here.