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Tim Hibbard CEO for EnGraph software

Kansas University (right here in Lawrence, KS) puts on a Geographic Information Systems day every year.  A couple months ago, Matt Dunbar contacted me and asked if I would speak about personal tracking.  My talk is titled "Big Brother is on MySpace.  How GPS will change our everyday lives (in a good way)"

After some shameless promotion of Where's Tim and EnGraph, I plan to talk about how real time GPS can add a new dimension to social networking sites like MySpace.  I also plan to talk about enhancing life management with GPS.  Like how to automate your route on your Saturday shopping trips based on sales, cheapest prices, targeted advertising and real time traffic conditions.  If there is time, I also want to touch on schedule management, event syndication and all the other ideas that Jeff and I talked about on our South Carolina roadtrip.

After my talk, Dr. Jerome Dobson (professor at KU) is giving a talk called "But, what about all those Little Brothers?  Geofencing in the Land of the free".  Obviously, he learned of my talk before titling his :)  Dr. Dobson, who was quoted in this article with me, is the President of the American Geographical Society and has coined the term geoslavery to describe the potential loss of freedom from personal tracking via GPS or RFID.

After our talks, we going to be fielding questions from the audience.  As the poster boy for geoslavery with my real time GPS web site, the discussion should be lively!!

In all honesty, I agree with the basic premise that he defines as geoslavery.  I believe that in order for GPS to penetrate the consumer market, one rule must always be in place:

The person being tracked must always have full control over who can view their location and when their location is broadcasted.

I happen to fall on the positive (or some say naive) side of the fence and believe that people are good in general and that the benefits of real time GPS will exceed the privacy implications and conspiracy theories.

I look forward to the event and hope to see some of you there.  More information on this web site.


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Oh, this sounds entertaining. I will have to check out the video.
Left by Lance on Nov 17, 2006 3:38 PM

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