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Tim Hibbard CEO for EnGraph software

Joab Jackson published an article in National Geographic that give a very basic introduction of GeoRSS and a couple examples of it's use.  One of the examples was Where's Tim!! 

GeoRSS is a way to add geographic information to an RSS feed.  Most generically, it is used to add a latitude / longitude point to an item.  To add GeoRSS to your existing feed, add the namespace to your rss element like this:


<rss version="2.0" xmlns:georss="" xmlns:gml="">

Then add the lat / long string between your item element tags, like this:


<georss:point>38.1333 -75.674georss:point> item>

I use GeoRSS on Where's Tim for a couple different things.  I generate an RSS feed as my location changes.  Each item in the RSS feed represents a place that I was, and each item has a GeoRSS:Point that defines the lat / long point.

I also syndicate the text messages people send me.  You can send a message to my phone by clicking the google icon on the map.  You then enter an email address (if you want me to respond) and a message and it will go directly to my phone.  Using my class that wraps the API, I collect location information based on the users IP.  I then generate a RSS feed where each item is a text message and I add a GeoRSS:Point if I was able to resolve the user's IP to a city / state.

Fun stuff!  For more information, check out the official GeoRSS website.


Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2006 5:54 PM .NET , GPS , Mapping , Where's Tim | Back to top

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