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Tim Hibbard CEO for EnGraph software

On recommendation from Jeff, I'm trying out NewsGator. After 12 hours of use, this is what I think:

Love the mobile app. The interface is pretty and smart. It marks my items read on the server side, so I don't read posts twice. It also allows me to "clip" a feed, so that I can look at it later from the computer. The app is a bit buggy though and often just exits.

The NewsGator Online is ok. Nothing special except that I can see how many people subscribe to a particular feed. It's a little slow, but not as bad as Google Reader. It also marks my posts read across the board.

FeedDemon is also ok. I really don't like the name, it just seems evil. I'm used to the look at feel of RSSBandit and would love to be able to subscribe to my NewsGator feeds through RSSBandit. Also, it didn't organize my feeds in the same folder hierarchy that is on NewsGator Online or the mobile app. I like the "Home" button that shows a snapshot of the feeds you haven't read and of course the biggest selling point is that the feeds are marked read everywhere.

I tried the Outlook add in and just hated it. Outlook is for reading email, and NewsGator wanted to take it over as an RSS reader. I know Kyle has tried Outlook RSS readers and liked them, it's just not for me.

I have 30 days to test the software before I have to shell out $60 for FeedDemon and the mobile app. The mobile app is just killer and I'll probably buy the whole package just for that alone.

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SharpReader is now my feed reader of choice!
Left by Kyle Archer on Sep 28, 2006 5:08 AM

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