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August 2012 Entries

If you have projects created under Visual Studio 2010 (SP1), and mixed C++ and C# projects in the solution, and you are using other configurations than Debug/Release x86 you may hit a very strange situation when you run the Static Code Analysis, either alone, or as part of the build. You may get into a situation which seems like things go in circles. One error points to a place where it simply points back to the first one. This is in fact, two kind of errors causing this behavior. Now, what you see ......

Background You are opening a solution made in Visual Studio 2010 with VS 2012. When you run Code Analysis you get a series of CA0053 errors, saying it is unable to load the rule sets from the Visual Studio 2010 directory! In the Error window you get an error message saying “Code Analysis detected errors.” And in the Code Analysis window you will get the “CA0053 Error running code analysis” with its “Unable to load rule assembly”. This means the project is bound to Visual Studio 2010, where it should ......