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This post is continued HERE. Go to Part 1 – List of Product Updates for information on Visual Studio and TFS 2012 updates Looking for the VS 2010 extensions ? Go to Visual Studio 2010 - List of Product Updates (Part 1) + Extensions (Part 2). Looking for links to the test adapters, go to this blog post. UPDATE Aug 18th 2013: Updates: Visual Studio Tools for Git, TypeScript, ReSharper, TFS Power Tools, Code Contracts, Build Manager, Web Essentials, Code Contracts, tangible T4 editor , Just Decompile, ......

UPDATED March 24th 2016: Test Data Retention is now added to TFS 2015 Update 1, see this post for more information.UPDATED Apr 15th 2013: Corrected to VS2012 Update 2 UPDATED Mar 23rd 2012: Added information about VS 11 UPDATED Mar 21st 2012: Added info and link to VS/TFS 11 tool for getting the Test Attachment Cleaner, now included with the TFS Power Tools UPDATED Mar 17th 2012: Added sql queries for TFS 11 Beta. Changed structure after Adam’s advices. Updated information. UPDATED Jan 9th 2012: ......

This post is about VS 2010, go here for the VS/TFS 11 extensions. UPDATED Apr 9th 2012: VersionInfo, NuGet, Code Contracts UPDATED Oct 7th 2012: New Visual Studio GDR UPDATED Aug 31th 2012: New versions updated of ReSharper, NDepend, Web Essentials, Community Build Manager, Code Contracts (March 2012), NuGet, ILSpy, DotPeek, Just Decompile, tangible T4 editor, LinqPad. Added the VersionInfo tool, so you know you have the latest update of VS 2010 UPDATED April 20th 2012: New version of NuGet manager. ......

We (Mikael Nitell and me) got a whole track on the Norwegian MSDN Live tour this year. We did these as a pair, and covered 4 cities over 4 days, 6 sessions per day, taking 8 hours to come through it. The Islandic volcano made the travels a bit rough, but we managed 6 flights out of 8. The first one had to go by van instead, 7-8 hour drive each way together with other MSDN Live presenters – a memorable tour! Oslo was the absolute top point. We had to change hall to a bigger one. People were crowding, ......

Forms authentication is not what “they” normally recommend from a security point of view, but in some cases it solves access problems. Particularly for companies which doesnt allow the Windows authentication protocol to pass, and those companies do exist. To enable it in TFS 2010 is a bit more than a oneliner. The recipe below shows you how to enable it. One has to change the web.config file for the Web Access. There are instructions within the file, but those instructions are incorrect and don’t ......

We have run 10 seminars with myself, Mikael Nitell and Jakob Ehn on TFS 2008 during the last two years. These seminars were made from the point of our company's experience with the TFS system. We debated different aspects of it, and showed people how we had chosen to solve the different issues that arose. These seminars took in the range of 4 hours, and we've had around 700 people all in all participating in these seminars, with very favorable feedback. Now in June, June 10th, we, myself and Mikael, ......

All these three terms are used to describe the behavior of an application. They come from different process methodologies, and have different meanings, characteristics and are intended to be used differently. Larry Guger also discuss these aspects and several others in his blog entries http://continuouslyintegrat... and http://continuouslyintegrat... The Use Case is ......

When I started blogging I made a decision to concentrate on technical stuff. I would not write about personal things, not about what happened in my everyday life, not about my social life, not about personal trivia, but just keep it technical - write about software and software technology. And keeping my personal life and my technical life separated seemed like a good idea, and shouldn't pose any problem what so ever. But, as everything in life, things doesn't work out quite the way one thinks. My ......

A build set is a set of builds running on the same solution or set of solutions, catering for different aspects of the Continuous Integration process. Why a set of builds ? Because one size doesn't fit all. Something you want to run quickly and others you want to cover a lot of stuff. This can be divided into a set of aspects. The aspects can be divided into three major parts: Developer aspect. A continuous build running normally at each check in to ensure that the code the developer checks in is ......

I like Code Metrics. They give a certain "objective" evaluation of a piece of code. You can use it for yourself just to make it pinpoint potential trouble areas, or just some code where you were a bit sloppy - happens from time to time...... And when you're going to do a peer review, it's much better to point to some numbers instead of the "This code sucks....."-thing. So when it finally arrived inside Visual Studio I was delighted. There are however a few things there which should be nice candidates ......