Speaking –NT PC User Group C# Sig – 7/10/10

At Microsoft Office in Irving, TX http://sp.ntpcug.org/VBNETSIG/default.aspx

This meeting changed topic after poling the audiece and seeing what they wanted to hear about.  It was still all about blend but it was more about getting started with blend then hard core templating.

Here is a link to the video that Shawn Weisfeld took and posted of the event.  Enjoy!!!


Join us as I go through how to use Expression Blend to take a standard Silverlight video player and modify the template and styles to give it a custom look and feel. By reusing the standard player, we get all of the built in functionality without having to re-write all of that code.  In this discussion, we will also cover some style ideas and best practices to allow for greatest flexibility in look and feel.



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