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I hope you haven’t come here looking for an answer!!! Because I want one too!!!

I have recently been playing with JQM…and initially loved it….but….

I mean, jQuery mobile is fantastic...whats been done here I think is awesome.  I'm enjoying working with it.

(I know its beta 1!, but the below seems odd for even a beta release)

There seems to be some fundamental bugs knocking about.  Links for example.  I have a fixed footer toolbar...3 buttons, Home, New, Settings.

Home - I wanted to be non-ajax, so I set data-ajax=false ( I need that page to be refreshed from the server each time its hit - I'm sure I could do something better - but I'm working on a POC)...In the browser it works as expected.  Go to the iPhone (added to Home Screen) hit that button and a new safari window opens?

New - This is an ajax true page, but doesn't always work...sometimes it goes to the new page, sometimes it goes to another page.

Back - rarely works as expected.

To be honest - links in general I find a little ropey...

Form Post - This seems to struggle with consistency...9/10 times it works a treat, then occasionally the loading icon just spins and it continues does so for a long while...too long to wait.  To be fair, this could be a drop in the iPhone wifi connection for whatever reason - I'm not sure anyway that form posting is the best solution for a mobile device targeted app...but like i said...POC :)

It's probably worth saying I am using mvc 3.  Each jQuery mobile page is in a separate Action and View...I haven't (except 1 dialog) got more than 1 page in each file.

The reason I posted this thread is really to raise my concerns and to get feedback from the community...I'm looking at a reasonable project coming my way and I make heavy use of jQuery so this seems natural to me...but I don't want to realise I've made a bad decision in 2 months time and need to start again???

Perhaps its just not ready….and that’s fine...but I don't want to realise I've made a bad decision in 2 months time and need to start again???

I'd also like to add...Window Phone NOT fully supported.  Tested on HTC

Posted on Monday, July 4, 2011 9:53 AM | Back to top

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I am totally with you. I too am embarking on a project and I don't want to end up having to change it months later! Some things are bizarre, like trying to set an input type with a helper function doesn't work at all. I've tried data annotations, setting it manually, even removed the html helper and added my input box manually and set it's type to date. When it renders, it says type="true". Not sure what that's about. Although to their credit, it is still in beta so I am hoping they fix the bugs.
Left by Jake Ashcraft on Sep 09, 2011 12:47 PM

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