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I am talking in the context of services such as Google Docs. I don’t have a huge amount of documents, but I simply don’t have the perfect solution for having these docs available anywhere and everywhere I am. I like many users I expect work on/want access to docs in different locations and on different machines.
Google docs seems like a perfect solution, but when you don’t have an Internet connection, like when you are on a plane for example, its not a good solution at all.

Then there are services like Live Mesh, DropBox that both sync files on your local machine, into the cloud and sync to any other machine where you have the software installed. Well sometimes you are working on a machine that isn’t yours, or you don’t/cant install anything.
Going back to Google Docs, despite the fact that it’s an excellent service, but lets face it , Google Docs doesn’t have the same features or usability as MS Word/Excel etc.
Then there’s Office Live, which again is kind of a mix, but still not perfect. You need to install the software, do connect to your online DMS (Office Live), open the file from Word/Excel, edit and save directly back to the cloud.

So what do I want? Well I want it all, I want to be able to store docs in the my own secure DMS, be able to upload scanned docs (which I do with google docs at the moment, it works well!), read/edit those docs on my iPhone (which is possible, but its not great!). But I think the mostly I would like to have the option to work on them locally or in the cloud.

With the new Office web apps on the horizon, it looks like this may be a reality, although Word for the web isn’t released yet, Excel is and looks great. One problem, the docs have to be in my SkyDrive, which as far as I am aware cannot be linked directly to my local copy of MS Word? Perhaps this will come!!
I still don’t think I will be able to edit or even have great viewing experience on my iPhone for these docs as lets face it…the iPhone is apple and Word is Microsoft! But one can dream!!

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