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LeavingCardLast Wednesday was my last day at the university, where I have been working.  I am starting a new job for a law firm, taking a little twist in technology as I move from mainly doing back-end development to a far more user centric environment on a large MOSS 2007 project, which is my preferred space.  I have enjoyed my time at the uni, but among other things I will NOT miss the nightmare commute everyday.

This is the leaving card I was presented with ;-) And a couple bottles of wine, one being my favourite Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

What's extra cool; being a bit of a work-a-holic I have only taken 4 days leave since last August, meaning I had loads of days to take as part of my notice period...I have over 2 weeks off!!! Starting at the law firm on 7th April!! What does one geek do with so much free time!?!  Play some more with MOSS, Silverlight 2.0 and build a media centre PC, that's what!!

Well, having to give my laptop back and with the upcoming train commute I most certainly wanted to replace it! 

dell-xps-m1330I decided to go for a slightly smaller one, the Dell XPS M1330 which has plenty of rave reviews.  It's no slouch with a Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz and 3GB RAM, but at only 13.3" it's small and light enough to be truly mobile!! Unfortunately I could not justify the huge extra cost (£790, that's about $1500) for a solid state drive.

It's a Nice looking piece of kit as well!

Debating whether to get a crumpler bag to house the beauty!!




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