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I seem to be working more and more my lappy these days...still always on the my PC at the office but when at home the laptop has taken over from my machine of choice...strange really because I love having two monitors and find it a fantastic way to work but I guess the freedom a laptop has to offer wins the day.

image Anyway, I digress...seeing I was working on it more and more I decided to get myself a Christmas present in the guise of a specialist notebook mouse, I looked at several offerings from Microsoft but the Logitech VX Revolution seemed to be the kiddy for me.  I like the fact that its a little  bigger than most "notebook mice" (I have big hands!) and I wanted laser.  This little mouse does that and are probably aware or at least heard of the MicroGear technology, basically you flip a switch on the bottom and the wheel scrolls freely; enabling you to scroll down page and pages very fast with a single whooosh!  Nice!  Its also very ergonomically pleasing, is there such a thing?? Well it fits into my hand nicely...

There is a VX Nano but that seemed to small, less comfortable, less features and more brainer then :)



Of course it was not all plain sailing...the first one I got, purchased from Amazon had a dodgy wheel, I thought first of all that I just wasn't getting along with it, NO, then thought it must be software, NO, had a search around and found nothing so decided it must be faulty and got Amazon to send me a new one, which arrived today, which was a surprise because of Christmas, Amazon seem to be very slow lately :)  Did piss of my girlfriend as she is waiting for a parcel of presents from amazon and has been for the past 2 weeks, they have assured her it is on the way but that's another story that is frankly to dull to even think about!!


If I don't post again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all readers, drink eat and be merry :)  Looking forward to a 2008 filled with LINQ, Silverlight 2.0 and maybe some MVC and of course tons of research on my way to MSc Software Engineering greatness ;-D







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