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Well it turns out that yes it is!

To be honest I haven't ever given much thought to which the more popular language is but when listening to Scott Hanselman's latest offering it turns out VB is. Scott is chatting with Paul Vick (VB Principle Architect) and Paul Yuknewicz (Senior PM on the VB team) when they also mention that VB Express and even C++ Express have more downloads that C# Express - now I put this down to C# being used by pro's who have access to VS Pro or more Team Suite :) but none the less I was surprised!  Not sure about the C++ though...I progressed onto C# from Visual C++, I thought most would too?!

So anyway I did a little research (by that I mean I googled "most popular dot net language" ;-D) and came across this page ( which brings up a nice little table showing all languages...


...these people apparently do a monthly survey, I'm not sure how they measure language popularity but poor old C# down there in 8th is a long way back from VB that is actually catching C which is in decline.  Nothing can seem to stop Java though...what's so great about Java??? I have programmed in Java, wasn't/isn't the worst thing in the world but give me C# any day :)


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