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Book Review: MicrosoftOffice SharePoint Designer 2007 Step by Step - Penelope Coventry

This book is full of tutorials and hints in building customised SharePoint sites. It helps you build pages complete with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Libraries, lists and also webparts which are very customisable.

I bought the book for the main purpose to learn creating workflows with SharePoint Designer 2007, and it really help me. The book as the title says, is really step by step and it is designed and laid out in a way, that it makes the user interested to read and learn. It is not a boring black and white book, but it engages the reader to take interest.

The CD which comes free with this book is very useful since it not only contains tutorial files but also an eBook. Penelope Coventry has done a very good job in tackling subjects which other authors didnt. Some of the topics she covers are the following:
  • Web Pages Costumisation
  • Creating and Modifying Pages
  • Working with Data Sources
  • Working on Master Pages
  • Making use of Libraries
  • Making use of Lists
  • Understanding and building Workflows
  • Managing Sites, Web Content and Environment
In my opinion, this book is directed towards advanced SharePoint users since one has to know about SharePoint, its features and what it has to offer before starting to design workflows and pages for it. One should at least have the basic knowledge of SharePoint and programming concepts.

Penelope also created a website: to help those who bought the book.

Buy it from here:

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