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Part 2
Copying/Moving a document to another library anywhere in the site or sub-site
Workflow 2
Go to the document library in which the documents are going to be stored.
1.       In SPD, go to File > New > Workflow.
2.       Name it “Check Out Item” and attach it to your SharePoint Library… In our case “Documents”.
3.       Check the boxes for:
a.       Automatically start this workflow when a new item is created
b.      Automatically start this workflow whenever an item is changed
4.       Click Next > to Continue.
1.       Name the first step and only steps as “Check in list item”.
2.       No Conditions
3.       Action > Check in Item
a.       Click on this list then choose Documents
b.      Field: Documents:Modified By
c.       Value: System Account
d.      Click OK.
This is done because all the documents being moved or copied into this library are done automatically by System Account. We are doing this action to Check in the items in order to be able to see the items by all users using this document library.
4.       Click on comment and write something like this: System Account document has been checked in.
The workflow is finished. Click on the Check Workflow button to make sure that there are no errors and then click on Finish. You are now able to try it out.
NOTE: In order to do the first workflow, one needs to download an add-on for SharePoint Designer:

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