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I just read through Jeff Atwood's recent post - The Sesame Street Presentation Rule - and it warrants a reaction.

The most important feature of a presentation is that it communicates how you can benefit your audience.  People are not actively trying to fund cartoons or quips as much as they are looking out for their own very personal needs (whatever that is).  So, it is vital that we analyze our audience for their needs - as needs differ.

Employees are generally interested in security, and possibilities for advancement.  Investors generally look for quick and sizable returns on investment. If you focus on the particular interests of your audience, there is very little need to be funny. 

Humor can help - I will concede.  But it is so difficult to be funny.

Hey, Jeff Atwoods' blog is a case in point.  Really not very funny, but he satisfies the needs of his readers to explore quirky topics.

Interested in your thoughts,


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