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Hard to believe I haven't posted in a year.  I really intended to make this place a priority but a new job and life changes took over.

A great deal has happened in the SQL world in the last year and I must say that I missed most of it.  I have busily been working in a purely SQL 2005 windows 2003 environment without need to upgrade.  I think this happens to many DBAs.  You learn your systems, you tune your servers, business hums along and nothing earth shattering occurs.

When a new version of the DBMS comes out there must be a compelling reason to upgrade.  In fact the time required to investigate, test, and deploy the new version is usually a deterrent to upgrade.  You don't have the time or resources to change.  These are the things that make the new release cycle for SQL difficult.  I know many companies that just recently went to 2005 from 2000.  Never mind that they ignored 2008 and that 2008 R2 wasn't even on their radar. 

I guess the question for us all is this.  How do I stay current in the DBMS version when I can't keep up with the pace of Microsoft development due to my business's requirements?   How can Microsoft understand my needs with their heads in the cloud?





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