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After many long hours working on upgrading our clients intranet from SPS 2003 to MOSS, we completed the rollout over a very long weekend.  Ed Buhain, the client and I spent a fair bit of time babysitting the process, tackling last minute gotchas as they came up.

One of the final issues we had was after all of the time testing, debugging, prepping, etc we had not run through the upgrade process with the infrastructure update applied.  I was fully prepared to do my workarounds in order to get all the content moved.  However, during upgrade process we learned that many of the issues that we had hit previously were now no longer issues.  I must assume that these bugs were addressed in either SP1 or the infrastructure update.  For example:

  • We fully expected that the WSUS_ database would not be sized correctly, therefore large content DB's would cause it to autogrow when copying the document related tables.  The temp database did size correctly or adequately during the upgrade.
  • Timeouts were an issue due to the tempdb and wsus_ databases thrashing SQL Server.  This also did not seem to be an issue during the upgrade.  SQL Server stayed relatively quiet during the process.

We did run into an issue with creating advanced search pages and a search center.  Still working those bugs out.  All in all I think it was a success.  We also managed to squeeze in a new master page with a fresh new look and branding which ultimately was the "sizzle" the new site needed. 

Good times...good times.

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