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As you can imagine, the outpouring of generosity from the American Public is staggering.  We have been just trying to keep our heads above water at ARC.  The load and impact that something like this has on our disaster systems is amazing.  We collect funds at record levels, handle level traffic, and work with corporate america to “keep the lights on” during this toughest of times.

I have to tell you that I am deeply saddened by this tragedy.  It is unfathomable that this is happening in our own backyard.  However, I know that what we are doing here at the American Red Cross is making a difference.  So, we will continue to work the long hours, monitor every system, and make sure that every dollar that is trying to make its way through our systems gets through.

We have incredible challenges to face in very, very short periods of time.  There is no where else I would rather be than with the team that is pulling this together.

So spread the word.  Donate Now!


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