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IndigoMan Indigo ain't any colour

I have been taking time off to get some perspective. I havent yet started my Indigo digging yet. I was at the Software Architect Forum last week and when someone asked me what Indigo was, I told them it might be a color. I have been thinking if i am doing justice to the heading that I have on this blog.

But i know the time will come. I will be able to write about my experiments with Indigo...

I made full use of the long weekend to get to a beautiful place called Muthodi. No electricity, no heat, no pollution. Its such a great pleasure to eat things cooked on a fire. Even the tea tastes different and smokey.

I guess i have been getting a lot of view on the Infopath on Pocket PC post. Keep it up folks. Tell me what you feel about my blogs. I will write more and more intersting stuff that i discover in my quest for Indigo!

BTW, Indigo is a mechanism for making different programs exchange messages?? Or is it??

Leave you on that thought!

Posted on Monday, October 25, 2004 6:02 PM | Back to top

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