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Flaber is a “Flash-based Web Builder”. FLABER stands for FLAsh-based web BuildER and use PHP technology as its server side script, XML as data set and Flash scripts as the presentation layer.

I was actually looking for a CMS type solution to maintain my here n there project and get them all organized. I have tried my hand at loads of CMS solutions (both paid and free), in which the following top rate Kentico (ASP.NET), Community Server (ASP.NET), Umbraco (ASP.NET, free), and then Mambo (PHP, free), Drupal (PHP, free, very sweet!), Joomla (PHP) and some side kicks like QuickCMS (ASP.NET, free)! They all have good support for back end and efficient CMS requirements but lack presentation side! When I say lack of presentation side, I mean presenting the content without any prior source re-build. It's something like this, you upload the CMS engine and you get to decide how your page should look! Here comes Flash based CMS, they let you play around with the supplied components and design your own web sheet! Most of the Flash CMS are expensive (very expensive) and then again the size is pretty heavy. Flaber though new, has tried it's best to get some answers to the above!

Here are some the feature I like about Flaber:

  • Drag n drop interface with it's components!
    Though for now it includes a Textbox, Link area, Image insertion and Rectangle shape; this feature is seamless!
  • On demand administration!
    You just click CTRL-SHIFT-E and you're ready to modify the page.
  • ACTION - EDIT Toggle
    Toggling between the Action and Edit lets one navigate from page to page and also helps modify the page dynamically! This is seriously a 10 feature!

And here's somethings useless about Flaber:

  • Password for Administartion is hard coded in admin_login.php
    This is one mega big flop! If you do not protect the folder function (suggestion .htaccess), the site's vulnerable for password theft.
  • No support for custom modules
    Flaber can have support for module or widget addition! As Flaber is open source, I might try my hand in including this stuff (that's only if I get time!).

Whatever be this is something nice and gives me ideas to create something like this. Well, how about Adobe's baby Flex? :)

Here're a few screenshot's of my site found at using Flaber!

By the way, did you notice the site's name: (Shaurya Anand, .NET, Microsoft!! Ha.. Ha... Cool!). If you want a domain something like this then register here!

Opps! Here's the project link:

Posted on Wednesday, July 5, 2006 4:49 PM | Back to top

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# re: Flaber-gasted!
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Hi there.

This is Vicker~ Author of FLABER. First of all, thanks for your valuable comments concerning FLABER. I will keep them in mind and try to improve them in the future.

Actually I would like to have a look at your site. However I can not connect to "". Please assist.

Left by Vicker on Jul 25, 2006 10:45 AM

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