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Oh, man....This is really depressing to the VB developer in me. Sort of  like finding unmentionables in your parents' night table. Understandable on one level, totally disgusting and embarrassing on another.

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I feel their pain, at first I was very upset about how much Visual Basic has changed comparing VB6 and VB.Net, I almost refused to do it, but if one stops and think about the benefits that these changes bring it is all worth it, my first programming experience was in gwbasic since then I have being devoted to Visual Basic, but I have to admit each new version comes with a level of insecurity and frustration. Every new version of VB comes with things that we wish the previous version had and things that we can just scream, “In your face!” to those that Visual basic is a kids play programming language.
Personally I am so happy vb is now known as a true OOP language. Now if one really bothers to look into it, it is not that hard clearly see that every major change to vb is due to a reason, example:

Datatype – now all languages share similar datatypes by doing so we can use assemblies and objects created in any other language, have your try creating a dll to be use on the web? Using asp? How you have to create every parameter as object?

The fact is that vb needed a lot of work, and for many one change at a time would be good, for example, ado from vb5 – vb6, but I think it was better that Microsoft did a built from the grown up and made visual basic as powerful as it is today. I read like 15-20 visual basic related books, from directx, office, activex, win32 api and I was very upset to know that mostly everything was going to change. But vb6 is staying for a while, I am still creating and supporting applications in vb6. Most of the things written on that resolution are not considering the why… is built completely to support the .net framework and most of what the .net provides. Vb6 is completely a different monster, isn’t time for us to move towards the future, away from “DLL Hell” and every other thing that solve that vb6. I think that most vb6 developers are simply afraid of change, cause they are not aware of the why of these changes, I encourage people to read a few books about as I did and I guaranteed that they will change how they feel about these changes to the language that we love so much.
Left by S.Gonell on Mar 23, 2005 1:14 PM

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