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If you look at the history of my blog posts (and why would you) you will notice a trend.  When posts were high a vast majority of them was simply passing information along from another site.  No more than public bookmarking with a few comments.

I used my blog to keep a history of the things I found interesting.  And if someone else also found them interesting, great!

Now that posts are low, I usually put more thought into each post and try to depart some real information from myself.

Posts dropped dramatically mostly because of Yahoo! Pipes.  It's a great service that allows you to easily aggregate all your information in one spot.  Now my history mostly comes from a combination of bookmarks, shared feeds and diggs.

Friendfeed, while not as flexible, as made this type of service even easier to use.

You can find my FriendFeed here, if your missing all the old web crawling links.

I do still use Yahoo! Pipes, but more to filter the results, like on my What's On Tonight feed that I have piping to my PageFlakes home page, than aggregating everything into one place.

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