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A few years ago my wife and I were buying a car.  You know that point where you are out in the lot looking at cars and you just know somewhere there is a sales guy waiting to pounce?  Well, imagine when you finally see that guy he looks just like young Elvis.  That's what happen to us, and Kendra almost lost it.

Turns out he is actually an Elvis impersonator by night.  I don't know if this helps him sell cars, but I certainly remembered him.  And we did end up buying a car from him.

Fast forward a couple years later and I'm at Best Buy when I hear some guys making fun of the Elvis guy a couple aisles over.  It's my car salesman.  I went over and said hello, he at least pretended to remember me.  At this point those guys are getting a little nervous since they know I heard them.

I thought about telling him just for the off chance that I might get to see, or be in, a fight with Elvis.  But I bet he got the stupid harrassment thing a lot.  So I didn't tell him and never got to see him "Use his stuff on them." :)

Now, I tell you this story only to lead to my next post, in this "Elvis' in the wild" set.

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