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I just rebuilt one of my machines to run the 64 bit version of Windows Vista.  When I tried to install Live Writer I needed to use the new single installer package released last week.  Well, it doesn't work on x64.  I sent an e-mail to Microsoft, and they said a lot of people have reported the problem and they are working on it.  They gave me a work around but it just launched the same installer with different options, so it crapped out too.

The odd thing is, all the individual packages should work on x64, but the installer is doing some sort of a compatible OS check and it's not even trying to install it.  Someone screwed up the config options on the installer.

If anyone has the old install package for Windows Live Writer and could get me a copy, I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted on Saturday, September 8, 2007 6:24 PM Software | Back to top

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