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First Apple posts now Linux.  Good thing you can't bet banned from GeeksWithBlogs for this. :)

Linspire has announced that it is changing it's core distro from Debian to Ubuntu, another testimony to how well (and quickly) Ubuntu is being received.  I've tried both Linspire and Ubuntu in the past just for fun and to see if my kids would take to it.  Linspire had some driver problems (audio and 3D video) but was the most user friendly, Ubuntu just worked.  So we went with Ubuntu.



My oldest son (13) would not use it because he just likes Windows.  It's what he is comfortable with, has no deep interest in computers, and just wants to talk to his friends on IM.  (Same reason he won't use a Mac.)

My youngest son (8) hated it because the web sites he visits (many flash based) had quirks.  (He probably would use a Mac and not care.)

I'm sure if I told my kids to just use it and took the time to fix the flash problems everything would have been okay.  But it was just an experiment and I didn't care that much.

My question is:

If this new Linspire / Ubuntu combo worked effortlessly, and Best Buy started caring these computers prominently in their stores, maybe with an MP3 player tie in, do you think it would take off at all?  Or are people only going to consider Microsoft and Apple because they are more recognized name brands?

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