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I made a tongue-in-cheek comment about why I don't switch to Mac OS X on a recent post to which Jeff Julian made a comment that got me thinking.

What would it take to get you to switch to Apple?

For me it would take a two-punch combo:

  1. Visual Studio for the Mac or an equally good development environment for Ruby on Rails.  (I mostly do web development.)
  2. A music and video subscription model to iTunes.

If I could get that, I would seriously consider trading in my laptop, Zune and Xbox for a MacBook, iPod and Apple TV.  If Microsoft beats them to the punch on #2, I don't know what it would take, if anything.

But let's face it.  Those two are not going to happen.

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You kidding, I am already there. I run my MacBook pro with all of the things that makes a Mac easy, like iLife for my personal life. You have *got* to see AdiumX chat client. There just isn't anything that nice on the windows platform.

I am also a .NET guy by trade, and I run both VMWare Fusion running virtualization to run Windows Server 2003, Parallels to run XP (I could use either/or, but happen to be doing the VMWare beta). BTW, XP boots in under 12 seconds. I also run Ubuntu Linux under Parallels. Sometimes all 3 at the same time with very little degradation. That allows me to run almost every browser out there at one time to test changes to sites.

With my external 19" widescreen monitor and the internal monitor, I have a really nice and wide development environment that performs well. I won't ever look back.
Left by bradman on Feb 06, 2007 4:47 PM

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