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Every year I buy a present or two from ThinkGeek for my wife.  This year was no exception.  Since she reads this blog I won't say what I bought.

I bought 2 items on the 11th, both in stock.  I checked back 24 hours later and item 1 was in processing and item 2 was in stock and ready to ship.  Well yesterday I noticed that the package still had not arrived.  I checked the order and now item 1 was STILL stuck in processing and item 2 was sold out.  They didn't bother reserving item 2.  WTF!

I called ThinkGeek and got the shaft.  Too bad for me on item 2 until February!  And the CSR had no idea why item one was stuck in processing.  I asked them to upgrade the shipping to overnight on item 1.  She said she would ask the warehouse to do that, but there was no guarantee on that either.  So it looks like both items might not ship.

ThinkGeek really dropped the ball.

Update 12-19-2006, 4:43PM CST: Called back to customer service because I did not receive any word back and the order is still in processing.  They could not help me since the woman who is handling it left for the day.  Need to call back tomorrow.  Klunk!

Update 12-20-2006, 9:15AM CST: Got an e-mail this morning that both items have shipped.  This seems odd since I was told that item 2 was not available.  I wonder if I got charged for both and only one shipped?  I checked the DHL tracking number and according to their website it shipped on the 15th.  Something is very screwed up here.  Crossing my fingers.

Update: 12-21-2006: ThinkGeek Saves Christmas

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