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SubSonic Starter Kit

From the CodePlex site, you can also download the SubSonic Starter Kit.  To use this, from Visual Studio, select New -> Web Site and pick SubSonic Starter Site.  This will give you a good starting template for your own site that includes the following.

_Dev\ASPNET_Membership - Web pages for user and role membership editing.

_Dev\Generators - The same generators found in the sample web site plus a MigrationGenerator page.  Run this page and it will create SQL scripts containing your database schema, data or both.

_Dev\SampleQueries.aspx - Some SubSonic code samples.

App_Code\TestCondition.cs - Some simple data validation.

App_Code\Utility.cs - Same as the sample web.

App_Themes\Default - Same as the sample web.

images - Some useful, generic sample images such as a loading item and processing spinner.

js - JavaScript helper files from Scriptaculous.

Modules\ResultMessage.ascx - Format result message control.

Default.aspx - Three column CSS formatted starting page.

Login.aspx - Sample login page.

PasswordRecover.aspx - Sample password recovery page.

Web.config - Pre-configured for SubSonic and Atlas (AJAX.NET).

Commerce Starter Kit

The Commerce Starter Kit 2.0 is now available which also uses SubSonic.

Find the entire series of posts here.

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Comments on this post: Getting Started with SubSonic - Part 25 (Final), Starter Kits

# re: Getting Started with SubSonic - Part 25 (Final), Starter Kits
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Where do you download just the SubSonic starter kit? I can't find it anywhere.
Left by Willie Tilton on Feb 21, 2007 11:50 AM

# re: Getting Started with SubSonic - Part 25 (Final), Starter Kits
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It was not updated for version 1.0.6. Go to the 1.0.5 archive and you will find it. It will also appear again in 2.0 with a major overhaul.
Left by Scott Kuhl on Feb 21, 2007 1:49 PM

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