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This has definitely got to be one of the top 10 greatest news stories of all time.


This is too rich. The L.A. Times reports that the Motion Picture Association of America, the righteous sword in the battle against piracy, is being accused of unlawfully making a bootleg copy of a documentary that takes a critical look at its film ratings system. The MPAA admitted it duped "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" without the filmmaker's permission after director Kirby Dick submitted his movie in November for an MPAA rating, but justified the action by saying Dick and his crew may have violated the privacy of MPAA movie raters. That particular loophole is not mentioned on the MPAA Web site, where it states: "Manufacturing, selling, distributing or making copies of motion pictures without the consent of the copyright owners is illegal. Movie pirates are thieves, plain and simple. ... ALL forms of piracy are illegal and carry serious legal consequences."

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I love that story...
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