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Amazon has now added the ability to "tag" items.  I have added a few DVDs and created a sample personal online DVD collection.  I think this new feature could have some interesting applications.

Now the scary part:  Tags do appear to be accessible from Internet Explorer.  I can view them in Firefox or Netscape, but tags do not show up on individual item pages or my profile under IE.  When I try to use the direct link to my DVD collection above from IE I get an Amazon error page.  Is anyone else having this problem? 


What are tags ?

Tags provide an easy way for you to "remember" and classify any item on the Amazon site for later recall. For example, you might be shopping for holiday gifts and tag items with the names of the people on your shopping list. At any time, you can review the items you've tagged and make final gift decisions. You might also want to tag items you've purchased in the past. This allows you to organize your collection in any way you wish. You can also use tags to help you remember items you're considering for purchase, e.g. if you are planning to buy a digital camera, you might tag several makes and models so that you can look at them side by side, organized the way you wish. Don't like the way Amazon has organized its science fiction or cookbooks? Tag the items you care about with the categories that matter to you. Because people's tags are (by default) visible to others, a great side effect of tagging is that you can navigate among items through other people's tags. What items have people tagged "gift" or "Tuscany" or "robot?"

Can Everyone See My Tags?

By default, everyone can see your tags. Your tags will help others find interesting products, and likewise you can see how other customers have tagged products. For example, suppose a book is tagged 'Philosophy'. By clicking on that tag, you can see what other products customers have tagged 'Philosophy', and you can see what other tags people who use the 'Philosophy' tag use. As you navigate using tags, you will find more and more interesting products, as collectively organized by other Amazon customers.

What If I Don't Want Others To See My Tags?

You can make your tags private if you want. Just go to your Home page, find the Your Tags area, and click on Manage Your Tags. From there you can edit and delete tags as well as choose whether they are public or private.

Can I Remove A Tag?

When you are on a product page, you can click on Edit to remove a tag. Or, go to your Home page, scroll to the Your Tags area, and click on Manage Your Tags. From there you can edit and delete tags.

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