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Over the past several years one of the growing trends in the Internet space has been syndication, the process of providing a site's content through a machine-readable file (i.e., an XML-formatted file). Once a site's content is marked up in a machine-readable format, there are a multitude of ways that that data can begin to be utilized. The most common way is through aggregators, which are programs designed to periodically cull through a list of syndication feeds and download any new content. (There are a variety of aggregator programs, from desktop based ones like RssBandit to online ones like BlogLines and My Yahoo!.) More interestingly, the site content, now able to be parsed by a program, can more easily be searched, customized, categorized, and analyzed. And, as we'll see in this article, content from another site can easily be injected into your own site by having your ASP.NET pages retrieve the remote syndicated content, parse it, and display it.


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