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Centralized reporting of software failures is becoming more the norm than the exception (Pun intended) in major software packages such as Windows.  After all, what a great way to know what is really happening with your software when it is out in the wild?  Most of the apps I work on are web based, so recording failures is a much easier task.  You are keeping exception logs, right?  But programs you install beyond your control base should be doing the same thing.  Now this should not be a major task.  Send your exceptions to a log file on the client, and sync them up with a web service when possible.

What you can do today?  Well you could write this yourself, the amount of work is not huge, and it will certainly pay off.  Or you can use a free service at

What we should do tomorrow?  Most companies have some form of bug / task / issue / project management software.  (We are using Target Process.)  This should be built into this class of software out of the box.  Enhance the interface to not only collect bugs from humans but also from the software itself.

So, everyone, please suggest this feature to your software vendor or group who controls this software.  Maybe we can start to also make “out-of-the box exception collection” the norm instead of the exception and write a little more application code, and a little less error plumbing.

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