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Kai-Fu Lee has nothing good to say about Bill Gates or Microsoft.  But can you blame him?  He is getting sued by them for defecting to Google.  A big heaping lawsuit can ruin anyone's day.

Here are some of the things Kai-Fu had to say.  (Apparently he didn't get the speach from his mom about not saying anything if you don't have something good to say.)

deeply disappointed at our incompetence in China - that we have wasted so many years in China with little to show for it.

embarrassed by Microsoft's business practices and that people in the government joked about Microsoft's internal politics

Gates yelled at him and said the company had been 'f-----' by the Chinese

NOTE: The original link on this article was to a site that required registration.  I have found the article summarized on MacDailyNews so you do not need to register.

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Registration required, man.
Left by Trilogy on Sep 08, 2005 7:35 AM

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Changed link, sorry.
Left by Scott Kuhl on Sep 08, 2005 8:27 AM

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