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Jimmy Hoffa, the living one, not the dead one, is trying to organize the IT community into unions.  Do you think this is a good idea?

In my experience I have seen the pendulum effect. 

Swing to the left: One place where I worked programmers were expected to work 80+ hours a week or get “laid off”.  The president even said, “While I'm paying you, you'll hang a basketball net if I ask, or you're fired!”  They had very little respect for their employees. 

Swing to the right: At another place I have consulted, where the employees were actually unionized, it's the opposite effect.  No one works past 40 hours without management jumping through hoops first.  There was an incident when the production database went down, and the DBAs all left at 4PM anyway because it was “quitting time”.  The work ethic was miserably low, and no one seemed very happy.

How do we find a middle ground?  The only way I have found so far is to find a good company and stick with them as long as you can.

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