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From I, Cringely:

Come back next Tuesday and this page will look different. That's when we're finally launching NerdTV after three years of fitful starts, mistakes, and hard work. Love it or hate it, I'm sure you'll let me know.

What NerdTV aspires to be is more than a show -- a genre. By this I mean something completely different from what has gone before. Some people may see it as a Podcast, and I suppose it is that in a sense, but what makes NerdTV different and gives it unique value is that it is something you would never see on TV. Never. Not even on the most esoteric distance learning channel or the poorest-produced local cable access show, much less from a national television network with a global reputation. That PBS would take such a gamble on the intelligence of its audience is breathtaking and I, as the guy who came up with this idea, can only marvel at their willingness to experiment.

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