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Windows Vista is changing pace by adding a feature instead of removing one.  The new feature is called Freeze Dry and it is design to maintain state when patches are applied and the computer is rebooted.  This will allow system administrators to patch systems overnight and bonehead in accounting, who was told 10 times his computer was going to be rebooted, will not lose his work and come screeming at you the next day.

I use to work with an “in-duh-vidual” who refused to let his computer be rebooted because he could not be bothered to re-open all his windows.  He also would not reboot his computer or logoff more than once every couple of months.  This really screwed with both patching his system and keeping his anti-virus up to date.  But thanks to management he was allowed to continue in this fashion.  While Freeze Dry may solve the problem the poor admin who must deal with him today has, I am guessing the “in-duh-vidual” still will not allow his computer to be rebooted.  Microsoft can fix technology but it can't fix the people who use it.  The worst part: this person is a programmer and should know better.

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